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Directions for St. Boniface Thank You Notes

Directions for St. Boniface Thank You Notes
How can my Family Give Thanks?

We are asking that each family use the iPad their child received from
school. Your child will be able to assist with the technology aspects.

1. Open a new Google Doc. Title it (family last name) family. thank you.(Fr. Tim or Mrs.
i. For example: Smith family. Thank you. Fr. Tim
ii. There is a separate document for each person.
2. In the top menu, select “Insert”, “Image”, “Camera”.
3. Dress your family nicely and take a picture with the iPad.
4. Click Insert.
5. Type a note of thanks into the document.
6. Add a few memories.
7. Decorate with online graphics (if you wish).
8. Sign the name of each family member by typing.
9. In the upper-right hand corner, select “Share”.
10. Type in mpultorak@lcss.org to share with Sr. Mary John.
11. Then, select “Send”.
12. Your document is now shared with Sr. Mary John Pultorak
who helps Sr. Lenore print in color and assemble in a binder.
Please email: Sr. Mary John at mpultorak@lcss.org with any
technology questions for the thank you notes.

RememberOne sheet only for each person you are thanking
Due Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020

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