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Elementary Youth Sports

Elementary Youth Sports

Dear Parents,

I hope your summer is going well and you are getting a chance to spend quality time as a family. As some of you may know, last year we set up a Youth Sports Ministry task force made up of school administrators and principals, the Central Catholic athletic director, the athletic directors from all three elementary schools, clergy, and members of our Catholic school youth sports community. This task force was formed to help guide and develop youth sports programming (K-12) in our Catholic schools to ensure it remains a vital part of our education and ministry and is fully aligned with our Mission. 

Our initial focus was on our elementary school athletic programs. The task force met several times during the school year. We looked at other Catholic school programs, invited guest speakers, and also looked at programming specifically designed for Catholic schools. We also conducted a survey to use in our efforts and will continue with surveys as part of our ongoing planning and execution. This next year we will focus our attention on elementary programming, and we have identified the following three key areas of focus:

  1. Communication of Purpose/Mission;
  2. Catholic Identity & Faith Integration; and
  3. Coach Recruitment and Training.

*More details to follow

We see youth sports as an important component of our ministry and a valuable tool in teaching our faith, promoting the Gospel values, developing a love and aptitude for sports, and building valuable life-long skills. To better manage this effort John Anthrop has accepted the offer to expand his role. John has been the St. Lawrence Athletic Director and gym coordinator since 1995. In his new role, John will be the Director of Youth Sports Ministry/Athletic Director for all three of our elementary schools. John will work closely with our principals, the Central Catholic Athletic Director, the LCSS administration, and the Youth Sports Ministry task force to ensure we continue to grow and improve our programming. 

Hard work continues in this area. Over the coming weeks, the following will occur:

  • John Anthrop will ensure that the needs of fall sports at St. Boniface and St. Lawrence continue as scheduled and coaches, students, and families are supported.
  • The task force will finalize the purpose/mission statement, objectives and key results for the coming year and publish those.
  • John Anthrop and members of the task force will begin to work on coach recruiting and training efforts in line with realistic objectives for the coming year – this work will be ongoing.
  • The task force will continue to meet to review progress and feedback and make recommendations for improvement and growth.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our task force, our parents, and our community for your continued support. Thank you!

Eric Davis

Contact info for John Anthrop:  johnanthrop4@gmail.com  

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