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New LCSS Online Directory is Ready!

New LCSS Online Directory is Ready!

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We are excited to announce a new LCSS online directory (both web and app versions) for our entire school community. We will be using the product: https://www.directoryspot.net/

As we get started, here are some items to be aware of:

  • You should have received an email from DirectorySpot on April 26th with instructions to log in and set a password. The message went to the email address that we have on file with your record in PowerSchool. You can also download the DirectorySpot app to your phone (Apple or Android).
  • The directory can be accessed through the DirectorySpot app as well as the website https://www.directoryspot.net/ (also linked on our website under the About section). The website allows you to do a little more than the app, such as downloading and printing various class lists through PDFs and doing some more advanced searches.
  • Unfortunately, as with any software, we do have some limitations on how some information is presented. For example, families are linked through students that have a common address, and DirectorySpot lists all of the parents of those kids together. In some cases, that means split families are listed all under one “Family” listing. We are working through the LCSS population to try to identify those and will create multiple student listings so that each separated parent will have their own listing. In these cases, the students will be listed twice in class lists. If you are concerned about the way your information is presented, please reach out to helpdesk@lcss.org, and we can work to find a solution.

There are a number of reasons we are moving in this direction and away from a paper version:

  • Cost-effective: both product (it is reasonably priced) and employee time (a handful of hours for one time to launch and then minimal time to update annually or when needed).
  • Accuracy: we will refresh all data in August and January, but can update individual family changes quickly when needed (e.g.: if a new family joins our schools at any time they can be added immediately).
  • Security: Password protected.
  • Ease of use: having an app on a phone (any device) as well as a web version allows for quick searching of family and school staff contact info.
  • Users can call, text, email, and even map with one click.
  • PDF/Paper version: the website allows users to download and print class lists if needed.
  • Quick access to the school system calendar.
  • Access to LCSS Blue Pages, a listing of LCSS family businesses. This is also linked on our website under the About section. Please support the businesses and services of our friends, families, and alumni!

We hope you will find this tool useful as you connect with families and staff within our community!

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