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Our School Fundraiser – FAQ

Our School Fundraiser – FAQ

As our school fundraiser has started this week, below are some FAQs.

Why did the school system make a change with the fundraiser?

We are constantly evaluating new and innovative ways to sustain the long term viability of our schools. The magazine sale has worked well for many years, but there were several shortcomings with this approach: lack of mission focus, lack of steward opportunities for supporters, less than 40% of the funds were going to the schools, parent fatigue from selling, donor fatigue from purchasing stuff, and the need for funds is growing.

​What is an awareness campaign?

An awareness campaign, also called social fundraising or peer-to-peer fundraising, is a crowdfunding method that utilizes your existing networks. It’s all about participation and sharing your compelling story, and we have made it quick and easy. You can quickly connect with family and friends using text message, social media and personalized email.

​How does this work?

We have partnered with an industry-leading technology provider to make the process easy and transparent. Each family has a custom campaign page to help guide them through the process. Families will receive an email link to their page. Families are incentivized to personalize their page with pictures, videos and to tell their story. Tips are on the page to get you started and there are tools on the page to help you message family and friends.

​When will the campaign start and finish?

The school fundraising campaign will kick off October 22nd and close on November 13th at noon.

​What is my family’s fundraising goal?

Each family has a default goal of $1,000. With over 300 unique families in our elementary and preschool community, we recognize not everyone has the same resources to raise this much. Everyone’s active participation, regardless of the amount raised, is what’s most important to bringing awareness to your school.

​How will the funds raised be used?

All support will be divided into three buckets: $.80 of every dollar will go directly to the schools for strategic initiatives and student success in the classroom, $.10 of every dollar covers the expense to run and implement the program and $.10 will go to support Food Finders Food Bank, Inc. in their fight against hunger.

​Why did we partner with Food Finders Food Bank, Inc.?

As Catholics, we are called to care for the poor and needy. Through our partnership with Food Finders, our goal is to come together as one school family to help fight hunger right here in our local community and support their mission through service.

​Will my support in the School Fundraiser count towards my annual support of LCSS?

Yes! School families who participate in the School Fundraiser will not be asked to also support the LCSS Spirit Fund. Spirit Fund is the annual fundraising campaign to financially support all Lafayette Catholic School System education expenses not covered by the general operating budget.

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