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Our School Fundraiser

Our School Fundraiser

Dear Elementary School Family,

For over 25 years, St. Boniface, St. Lawrence, and St. Mary have come together in solidarity for the annual magazine sale fundraiser to raise money for everything from library books, technology equipment, math and reading programs, art supplies, and more. In March, the principals, parent volunteers, and the LCSS advancement committee started a review process to evaluate our current program and research other fundraising opportunities.

Through the process, we discovered the magazine sale has worked well for our schools for many years, but there were shortcomings that needed to be solved for the long-term viability of our schools. Our goal was to develop a program that was more reflective of our schools’ mission, provided opportunities to personally thank supporters, and provided a proven opportunity to raise the required funding to continually ensure academic excellence.

In August the committee made a final recommendation to the Board of Directors to develop a new fundraising initiative for our Preschool and Elementary Schools that supports our mission and celebrates our strengths of faith, family, and service to the community. The New Awareness Campaign is a social fundraising initiative we plan to make fun and engaging for your families.

Every day in the Lafayette Catholic School System, success stories are taking place with our students and staff. We want to share how those stories are working to transform the world. The Awareness Campaign is a multi-media promotional campaign used to enhance the visibility of our schools in the broader community. We have partnered with an industry-leading technology provider to create a social fundraising platform so you can help spread these stories and engage new supporters. We are asking each of our families to carefully review the attached materials and to be an active ambassador for this new endeavor. Our planning committee has worked hard to answer questions you may have and welcomes your feedback throughout the process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are grateful for your support and commitment to our schools and the Lafayette Catholic School System. Thank you in advance for your support of this important program and the continued success of our schools.

School Fundraiser Parent Packet


Sr. Lenore Schwartz
St. Boniface School

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