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St. Anthony Bread (or SCRIP) is a great way to simplify your life!! St. Anthony Bread is, in very basic terms, money you are already spending…just spent in a new way. When you purchase St. Anthony Bread, you are purchasing gift certificates or gift cards that are used just like cash. The cards you purchase are accepted by many of the national and local retailers where you already shop. Your family can use St. Anthony Bread gift cards to purchase everyday essentials like groceries, gas, clothing, uniforms and dining out.

St. Anthony Bread is a St. Boniface Parish program that provides tuition credit for St. Boniface School families. A portion of the St. Anthony Bread purchase is applied to a family’s tuition for the following school year. Anyone purchasing St. Anthony Bread cards may direct tuition credit to any St. Boniface family.

Orders can be placed by submitting an order form at the St. Anthony Bread table after Mass.

Order Forms and How to Order St. Anthony Bread