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St. Boniface 4th Grade Volleyball Tryouts 8/22

St. Boniface 4th Grade Volleyball Tryouts 8/22


The 5th and 6th grade girls’ volleyball season has just started for the 2022 season. Unfortunately, the 5th grade girls’ team only has five girls playing on the team. Six is the absolute minimum number of girls needed to play a game. This number, however, leaves no room for a player’s illness, academic ineligibilities, family emergencies, or any other type of conflict with a scheduled game.

Therefore, 4th grade girls may try out for the 5th grade team on Monday, August 22 from 4:15-
5:45 pm in the gym. Two to five 4th grade girls will be selected from this try out by the 5th grade coach, Nicole Wentzel. Coach Wentzel will make her decision based on the skill level, work ethic and attitude of the attendees. Please keep in mind that we are trying to fill out the 5th grade team for 5th grade competition. The players selected will be full members of the team and will be required to attend all practices and games. No more than 5 or less will be selected because this is the 5th grade team and we do not want to minimize the 5th grade participation but to insure an adequate number of team players for practices and games.

Thank you for your interest. I understand that not all 4th grade girls will be selected for the team this year, but I hope to see many of them play next year as 5th graders.

Thank you,
John Anthrop St. Boniface AD 586-0785

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