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St. Boniface School Active Shooter Drill

St. Boniface School Active Shooter Drill

Active Shooter Drill

Today the homeroom teachers instructed the students what to do regarding an active shooter drill.  We are required by the State of Indiana within the first 90 days of school to conduct this type of drill. Tomorrow, November 6, the principal will announce the drill over the P.A. system at 8:15 a.m. and the students will participate in the drill.

All safety precautions are listed in the school emergency handbook.  The normal security requires school doors remain locked.  However, if there is an active shooter within the building, the students are taught to: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.  If you wish more information, we are willing to show you the emergency handbook kept in the school office and all classrooms.  Thank you for your support.  Sr. Lenore

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