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St. Boniface School Group Pictures for Yearbook

St. Boniface School Group Pictures for Yearbook

Parents and Students,

Inter-State Studio will be taking school group pictures for our yearbook in the St. Boniface School gym on Thursday, February 23 beginning at 9:15 A.M. Orders will be taken in March for yearbooks. Please check the following time schedule to see when your group pictures will be taken. Be sure to bring your team jersey for football, volleyball, and basketball, and scout uniforms for your group picture on this day. If interested, individual pictures will also be taken of volleyball and basketball players or other activities. Please be sure to bring the attached order form that was sent home with this letter on Friday and money on this day to give to the photographer, if you wish to place an order. Pictures will be taken in the gym. We could use a few band instruments and guitars for these group pictures. Sports teams should bring a football, volleyball, or basketball for their picture. PLEASE WEAR THE PROPER JERSEY OR UNIFORM FOR YOUR PICTURE IF YOU HAVE ONE AND PLEASE BE ON TIME.   Times for pictures will be announced over the P.A. since the schedule may vary slightly.

9:15              Snow Prince and Princess

9:20             4th – 6th grade Girl Scouts

9:25             4th – 6th grade Boy Scouts

9:30            4th gr. St. Boniface School Mass Altar Servers

9:35            5th gr. St. Boniface School Mass Altar Servers

9:40            6th gr. St. Boniface School Mass Altar Servers

9:45            4th grade Football

9:50            5th & 6th grade Football

9:55            5th grade Volleyball

10:00         6th grade Volleyball

10:05         4th grade Girls Basketball

10:10         5th grade Girls Basketball

10:15         6th grade Girls Basketball

10:20        4th grade Boys Basketball

10:25         5th grade Boys Basketball

10:30         6th grade Boys Basketball

10:35         Advanced Band

10:40         Beginning Band

10:45         Choir

10:50         Advanced Guitar

10:55         Beginning Guitar

11:00         6th grade Jr. High Sports (track, cross country, golf, wrestling)

Thank you,

Sr. Lenore Schwartz, Principal

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