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St. Boniface School Saint Book Order

St. Boniface School Saint Book Order

November 1, 2015

Dear Parents of St. Boniface Students,

The students at St. Boniface School put a lot of thought, research, and work into their Saint Project every year. It is a memorable event, for the children and for their parents as they see their “saintly child” process into church and present their information to others.

Tim Powers, at School Datebooks, along with Wendy Bell, has again offered to publish a complete book of St. Boniface School Saints and donate the proceeds to St. Boniface School. This book is a best seller! We are asking for a donation of $10.00 per book.

The book includes all students in grades 4, 5 and 6 dressed in their saint outfit, along with the paragraph they wrote about their saint and a class picture. It is a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents and your own child. We treasure the three years we devote to each child at St. Boniface School and this is one way of keeping the value of sainthood a priority in their life.

In order for the books to be ready in time for Christmas, we are asking that you place your order and prepay on or before Wednesday, November 18, 2014. Please make the check out to St. Boniface School.

We would like every family to have at least one book. If there is financial difficulty, simply return this form and put “For Sr. Lenore” and you will receive a free book.

Thank you, Sr. Lenore


Return this order form by Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Make the check out to St. Boniface School

Student Name________________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher___________________________________________

Number of Books ordered _________________

Amount of money enclosed ________________     ($10.00 per book)

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