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St. Boniface School Thank You’s Due Friday, May 15, 2020

St. Boniface School Thank You’s Due Friday, May 15, 2020

Fr. Tim Alkire

On August 19, Fr. Tim Alkire will no longer be pastor of St. Boniface Church and School.  Fr. Tim was baptized at St. Boniface Church and attended St. Boniface School.  He came back in 1991 as associate pastor.  In 1994 he became pastor of St. Boniface and worked at the Tribunal for 10 years.  For 29 years Fr. Tim Alkire has devoted his life to St. Boniface. Fr. Tim has a personal connection with each individual by his deep faith in Christ sprinkled with a wonderful sense of humor.

Mrs. Danette Brown

Danette Brown is another well-loved member of the St. Boniface Community.  After 32 years at St. Boniface and a total of 39 years working for the Lafayette Catholic School System, Danette is retiring. Danette began working for the Lafayette Catholic School Community in September 1981 under Paul LaRocca, the superintendent.  August 1988, Sr. Helen hired Danette as full-time secretary. Danette has assisted so many people with a wide range of knowledge.

Mrs. Kathy Chelius

In August of 2012, Kathy Chelius was hired as teacher aide at St. Boniface School to assist teachers and students.  August, 2013 she was hired by GLASS as an interventionist at St. Boniface to assist students with learning difficulties.  For 8 years, students benefitted from her gentle manner to understand and complete the academic work required to be successful.

Miss Sarah Schutte

Sarah Schutte is soon to give up the title “Miss” and become Mrs. Frank Vasquez.  She will be moving to the Chicago area and working in a Catholic School.  She brought much joy, personal talent, and student achievement to St. Boniface.

How can my Family Give Thanks?

We are asking that each family use the iPad their child received from school.

  1. Open a new Google Doc. Title it (family last name) family. thank you.
    1. For example: Smith family. Thank you. Fr. Tim
  2. There must be a separate document for each person you are thanking
  3. In the top menu, select “Insert”, “Image”, “Camera”.
  4. Take a picture of your family with the iPad.
  5. Click Insert.
  6. Type a note of thanks into the document.
  7. Add a few memories.
  8. Decorate with online graphics (if you wish).
  9. Type in the names of each family member
  • In the upper-right hand corner, select “Share”.
  • Type in mpultorak@lcss.orgto share with Sr. Mary John.
  • Then, select “Send”. Due Date:  Friday, May 15, 2020

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