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Summer Reading for CC–6th Graders!

Summer Reading for CC–6th Graders!

For those attending Central Catholic in the Fall as 7th graders, your summer reading book is Crispin and the Cross of Lead by Avi, attached is the summary and Catholic Worldview message. Each student is expected to obtain the book and have it on hand for beginning of the year assignments.

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Title: Crispin and the Cross of Lead
Author: Avi
Publishing year: 2002

Summary: Crispin and the Cross of Lead is a novel by Avi set in medieval England. The story follows a 13-year-old boy named Crispin who, after the death of his mother, is declared a “wolf’s head” by the village steward and must flee his home to avoid being captured and killed. On his journey, Crispin discovers that his true identity has been hidden from him, and that he possesses a mysterious cross that holds the key to his past and future. Along with the help of a jester named Bear, Crispin sets out to uncover the truth about his identity and clear his name.

Disclaimers: Crispin and the Cross of Lead contains some non-explicit descriptions of violence and oppression, as well as references to religious and social conflict in medieval England.

Teaching with a Catholic lens: Crispin and the Cross of Lead can be taught with a Catholic lens by exploring the themes of identity, justice, and mercy. Crispin struggles with how he thinks God views him and has to come to a greater understanding of God’s love. As he learns of the world around him he sees the contrast between people who merely claim faith and people who truly live it out, and how faith expressed in deeds can be a witness to Christ. The novel can also be used to explore the Church’s teachings on social justice and the responsibility of individuals to work for the common good.

Further information: Students are encouraged to read print or digital versions of these selections. If students opt for a digital version of the text, it must be available to them through their school-issued laptop or a digital reading device, but NOT through their phones. There is a Kindle App for our computers in the App Store. Students are to have their books read before school begins. When students return to school, each teacher will have an assignment associated with the summer reading selections.

Summer Reading List

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